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At Bree Gorman, we are interested in creating sustainable, meaningful change.

Having clear, measurable and achievable diversity, equity and inclusion objectives and actions is important for all businesses regardless of sector or size. We believe in equity, we centre intersectionality, and we are also acutely aware of the need to ensure the diversity and inclusion strategies we suggest are aligned with your business values. Prospective employees, clients, customers and existing employees expect an organisation that prioritises their inclusion, safety and sense of belonging.

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy and Process

Our proven Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy and process thoroughly considers your current realities, business objectives and future growth plans. We’re with you throughout the journey – from research and strategic planning, to supporting you to create actionable plans and review performance, to make sure your workplace creates meaningful and measurable change that is right for you and your people.

At Bree Gorman Consulting we feel the most important part of the diversity, equity and inclusion strategy development is the part where we listen to the employees.  

  • Do you feel you belong?
  • Can you bring your authentic self to the workplace?
  • Have you experienced discrimination, bullying or harassment in the workplace?
  • What barriers get in the way of your career success?

We tailor our consultation processes to your organisation using a mixture of surveys, focus groups, workshops and interviews. Or we can coach you through doing this yourself! We use our knowledge of mixed methods research and best practice facilitation skills to ensure a deep dive into the culture of your organisation occurs.

Our strength at Bree Gorman consulting is analysing the research outcomes to develop presentations and reports that clearly communicate what the data is telling us. You won’t get heat maps that are difficult to understand and only provide a surface level analysis. We take the time to drill in, seek further information and prepare a report that clearly identifies your priority areas.

“These are the areas that pose the greatest barriers and that you have the greatest chance to remove”

We aren’t interested in too many words, and theoretical understandings.  We will tell you what the data says in a way that can be easily translated across your organisation.

This is where the rubber hits the road (where we get moving!).  We believe that when we apply our expertise with that of your leaders and people who have lived experience of being excluded we get the best outcomes.  Actions that:

  • tackle the real issues (without causing more problems)
  • are context specific – meeting your employees where they are at
  • break down systemic barriers (rather than focusing on “fixing” people from underrepresented backgrounds) and,
  • can be measured.

Diversity and Inclusion strategies are useless if we just create them and then put them on the shelf.  We must constantly review and revise them to ensure we are creating change.  That’s why we use proxy metrics that you can track over time to determine the success or otherwise of an action.  

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Bree Gorman

Since late 2019, as Managing Director of Bree Gorman consulting they have worked with companies across a wide variety of sectors delivering diversity, equity and inclusion strategies, policy reviews, research projects, inclusion audits and diversity, equity and inclusion training. Bree applies their business acumen, research skills and knowledge translation capabilities to the work of diversity, equity and inclusion, developing solutions and providing advice that is practical, achievable and backed by a deep understanding of the barriers to equality that exist within our workplaces.

Their lived experience of working in a male dominated area and coming out as genderqueer and bisexual in the middle of their working life brings with it a heightened awareness of identity and its importance in the workplace.

Along with their science qualifications, Bree is a graduate of the Committee for Geelong’s Leaders for Geelong program, a qualified coach and graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors course.

Ainslee Hooper

Ainslee Hooper is an Anthropologist, Disability Inclusion Consultant, Speaker & Author who, through her lived experience of disability and professional expertise, empowers businesses and organisations to remove invisible barriers and reduce the risk of ableism.

Ainslee believes everyone deserves to be heard, seen and included. She works with diverse businesses and organisations, providing bespoke consulting and advisory services on projects to ensure positive outcomes for both the client and people with disabilities.

Ainslee holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Anthropology from Deakin University. She is available for consulting, advising, and speaking. Ainslee can be contacted at or via her website

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Teresa Lombardo

Teresa (she/her) is passionate about seeing the world through a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging lens. Living in beautiful Bunurong Country in Bayside Melbourne, Teresa works between her home and offices located on Wadawurrung Country in Geelong.

A Swinburne University alum, Teresa navigated the rigors of academia, completing her Masters of Business Administration (Executive) in 2019, all while balancing the demands of a full-time career and raising her remarkable 14-year-old son.

Teresa leverages her bi-cultural background and lived experience as a survivor of domestic violence, to inform and enrich her work. Her commitment to make the world more inclusive and equitable is evident in the work she does to guide organisations through strategic planning, organisational wide engagement and transformative conversations that challenge the status quo.

Need help with your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy in your workplace?

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