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4 ways to get traction on Diversity, Equity and inclusion without breaking the bank

Reaching your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion goals can be ‘hijacked’ by budget changes or restrictions. It’s not an ideal situation to find ourselves in, but whilst we are working on accessing funding to continue with our main goals there is work we can be doing that will deliver progress.

This guide has some low budget, impactful ideas for raising awareness and making systemic change. And implementing them could just make the leaders reconsider future budget spend….

What you’ll find in the

DEI on a budget guide

To the DEI enthusiasts who want to keep doing impactful work but can’t find the budget...

If you are looking for meaningful ways to keep progressing your work even when the Executive have halted spending then you are in the right place.

In my experience the roller coaster ride of the budget cycle comes back up as fast as it goes down, but when it’s down we can’t let it kill all our momentum.

I’ve collated a few actions and initiatives that I regularly implement with clients into this guide for you.

All you need to do is click the button below and I’ll send these outrageously simple, yet effective tips directly to your inbox for free 😉.

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Who's Bree Gorman?

| Bree Gorman Consulting

Bree Gorman is a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion coach, consultant and trainer, helping DEI enthusiasts build confidence, manage backlash and implement best practice strategies.

Since first moving into the world of diversity, equity and inclusion in 2016 Bree has delivered or worked on over 15 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategies. They have reviewed and written countless policies, trained 1000+ leaders and employees in inclusive leadership and have had over 100 people through their DEI network.

Bree has worked with Universities, governments, corporates and community organisations. They even do the odd pro bono job for sporting clubs and primary schools.

Their focus now is on supporting diversity, equity and inclusion enthusiasts achieve meaningful change in their work or advocacy. Bree knows the cut through actions that can change minds and structures, they know how to work out which one is right for which context and how to engage and consult meaningfully with the people that are meant to benefit from this work.

Dr Bree Gorman is a talented strategist in the diversity, equity and inclusion space. Bree's knowledge, experience and inclusion approach helped us in developing our faculty strategy. Bree facilitated impactful training and dialogues for our leaders. Bree's approach is positive, thoughtful and authentic.
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Professor Kapil Chousalker
University of Adelaide
I've had so many helpful a-ha moments through our conversations and they never hesitate to keep me honest and accountable...I couldn't recommend Bree more highly.
lyndalhamwood | Bree Gorman Consulting
Lyndal Hamwood
Founder, (ide)ate
Bree offered training to more than 130 leaders across our organisation in LGBTIQA+ inclusion. The number one piece of feedback we got was that Bree provided such a safe place for discussion and connection. We adored working with Bree and would do so again in a heartbeat.
claire tietze | Bree Gorman Consulting
Claire Tietze
Team Leader, Organisational Equity and Inclusion at Kingston City Council
Bree Gorman Consulting - Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

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