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We develop Diversity and Inclusion strategies and action plans to create measurable and sustainable change in your organisation.

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We provide expert analysis and identify the barriers and enablers to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion that exist in your workplace.

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We use our extensive knowledge to help refine your Diversity and Inclusion plans, review your research, and guide you on best practice to maximise value.

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Latest Insights

  • Introduction Australian organisations are starting to understand that to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment we must look beyond gender. Race, religion, sexuality, disability and age are all attributes that impact our experiences in the workplace and must become front and centre of our......

  • “But I have seen so many incompetent women get hired because the organisation wanted diversity, therefore men who could actually do the job missed out.” If I am running training in a majority male environment – this comment or a version of it is guaranteed......

  • I am so tired of the conversation surrounding trans people in sport. I saw the announcement from Basketball Australia that they were not going to allow Lexi Rogers to play, and my heart sunk. This emotion was quickly replaced by a sense of deflation, seriously......

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