LGBTQA+ Online Course


This is a short online training course in LGBTQA+ inclusion. The course will take approximately 2hrs. Learn how to be an effective ally, understand how to use inclusive language, advocate for change in the workplace, sporting club or school and be inclusive of LGBTQA+ people.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate proactive inclusion for LGBTQA+ people
  • Understand the harmful impacts of gender stereotypes
  • Recognise discrimination/microaggressions against LGBTQA+ people
  • Be able to introduce key changes to workplaces to promote inclusion for LGBTQA+ people

Topics covered:

  1. Gender, Sex and Sexuality
  2. LGBTQA+ the acronym explained
  3. Gender Stereotypes
  4. Inclusive Language
  5. Intersectionality
  6. Workplace Inclusion
  7. Allyship
  8. Collecting Data
  9. Importance of Pride

The course is delivered through Coassemble, an easy to use and accessible platform. Participants get to share stories, thoughts and ideas with other course participants through a discussion platform called padlet. Enrol today, receive a certificate upon completion and benefit from the introductory price of $87!


Enrol now and receive instant access to complete the course. The reality is there is still so much exclusion for LGBTQA+ people in society. Overcoming this requires us to raise our understanding and awareness of what it means to be LGBTQA+ but importantly what proactive steps we can take to create inclusion. This course provides practical tips to inclusion and provides space for the sharing of stories and experiences. It’s a great start or continue your learning in this space.

Need help with your Diversity & Inclusion strategy in your workplace?

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