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Bree Gorman uses respectful, collaborative consultation methods to understand your organisational culture and the specific barriers to inclusion that exist for employees and customers.

To truly create an inclusive environment, you need to understand who is in your organisation and what experiences they are having. This means all your employees and even perhaps those who are missing. Additionally, understanding what the literature says about effective workplace interventions can help inform your organisation to direct its diversity, equity and inclusion budget towards actions that create outcomes.

What you receive is a detailed, expert analysis of the current state of play when it comes to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Find out how we can help you develop actions and strategies to create real, meaningful change in your organisation.

Who can benefit?

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Organisations that want to develop a D&I strategy or action plan based on deep insights of their workplace.
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Victorian public service organisations tackling their Gender Equality workplace audits or action plans OR Universities undertaking the SAGE Athena SWAN process.
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Organisations that already have a strategy or action plan and want to refine it based on data.
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What can you expect?

Bree Gorman Consulting develop bespoke surveys and consultation processes that drill into the specific diversity, equity and inclusion challenges in your organisation.

Off the shelf solutions will allow you to benchmark but do they allow you to understand the specific barriers that exist within your context? If the goal is inclusion and not ticking boxes, then let’s hear about the issues that are affecting your employees and work with them to identify the ways you can create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

We will use our expert analysis skills and our deep knowledge of diversity, equity and inclusion to make a series of recommendations that will guide you to develop considered actions. Importantly we will ensure that you have the ability to repeat the consultation to measure your progress.

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Why Bree Gorman?

Because we know data.

Bree Gorman and their collaborators have extensive professional and lived experience in the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion space including:

  • Years of experience and training in data analysis and research methods
  • A facilitation style that allows us to delve deep into the real issues in an organisation
  • Business acumen that ensures our recommendations are achievable, realistic and context specific
  • Current, expert knowledge of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the workplace

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