Diversity and Inclusion Course

Learn how to create inclusion in your workplace

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What can you expect?

At Bree Gorman consulting we believe that workplaces are the perfect environment for creating social change.

The added benefit of creating Diverse and Inclusive workforces is improvements in productivity, innovation and retention. The why is the easy bit but what about the how?

This course will empower you to become an inclusive leader by recognising bias, discrimination, and other barriers to inclusion. Then it will provide you with the tools to do something about it!

Diversity and Inclusion Course
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Course Information

Why study this course?

Bree Gorman has a deep knowledge and understanding of what creates inclusion in the workplace.

They bring their years of experience as a Diversity and Inclusion manager, consultant and trainer to this course.

We believe that we need to increase that capacity of all our leaders and employees to create meaningful change. Using real life examples, we demonstrate how we can contribute to an environment where everyone can bring their best selves.

What you’ll learn

In this course you will learn about identity and how it shapes our opportunities. You’ll hear real life examples of how identify can create barriers for some people but also what can be done to overcome them.

You’ll learn about unconscious bias, how it impacts your decisions and what you can do about it. The final module will address how you can be a true ally and advocate for change in your workplace.

Who’s this course for?

This course is for people who are just starting out on their diversity and inclusion journey. Whether you are a people manager who needs to understand how to create an inclusive work environment for your staff or an aspiring diversity and inclusion officer or advocate this course is for you.

Have you just joined your organisation’s diversity and inclusion committee or advisory group? If so, this course will help you and the committee create the change you want to see.

Meet Your Mentor

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm in HR will this course be helpful?

Yes, this course will help you understand the basics of diversity and inclusion and then provide you some real examples that you can introduce to your workplace.

I have lived experience, I get what it feels like to be excluded, isn't that enough for me to be able to affect change?

So often organisations turn to those who have experience of marginalisation to teach them how to create inclusion. This is not fair, as it places the burden on those who have experienced exclusion rather than those who carry privilege. But if you are keen to make your contributions count then this course will arm you with the knowledge to combine your lived experience with practical ways your organisation can create inclusion.

I am time poor, I don't have time for study?

This course will only take you two hours and you can do it in your own time – you could listen to the videos as you do the dishes or walk the dog!


Need help with your Diversity & Inclusion strategy in your workplace?

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