Struggling to get Traction with your Diversity and Inclusion Strategic plan?

Download the How to engage your Executive team with your Diversity and Inclusion strategy guide and start creating meaningful, sustainable change now!

  • How to focus your Executives on creating diversity in the workplace

  • How to persuade people to deliver on your inclusion objectives

  • How you can create accountability for your leaders

  • How to reward your leaders for meaningful work and empower them to create a leadership shadow

DiversityandInclusionStrategyGuide | Bree Gorman Consulting
DiversityandInclusionStrategyGuideBreeGorman | Bree Gorman Consulting

About the Author

I’m Dr Bree Gorman and my focus is on turning your organisation’s good intentions into meaningful, sustainable change. Let’s face it, most organisations want to be inclusive – but inclusion is a verb, a doing word. That’s what gets me going, designing Diversity and Inclusion strategic plans that contain sustainable and measurable actions that create inclusion and increase diversity.

I worked previously as the Diversity and Inclusion programs manager at Deakin University after an extensive career in research partnerships, business development and analytical chemistry. Since 2019 I have been running BG consulting:

  • designing strategies, programs and policies
  • advising committees, executive teams and panels
  • coaching and training in inclusive leadership
  • assisting organisations with their legislative and accreditation requirements
  • with respect to gender equity, LGBTIQ+ inclusion and inclusion more broadly.

This guide contains many of the strategies I use daily with my clients. It maps out 8 steps you can take to help your organisation create Diversity and Inclusion goals and then tackle them head on.

Need help with your Diversity & Inclusion strategy in your workplace?

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