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Learn how to be an ally for LGBTQA+ people

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What can you expect?

LGBTQA+ inclusion is not difficult when you know where to start.

Changing our language and the assumptions we make can be really challenging particularly when we don’t understand why or how. Bree and guest contributor Jo Bangles take you through the do’s and don’ts of creating inclusion for LGBTQA+ people in this engaging online course. Hear their stories and real life examples of what can create inclusion.

LGBTQA+ Online Course
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Course Information

Why study this course?

Bree Gorman has a deep knowledge and understanding of what creates inclusion in the workplace. They bring their years of experience as a Diversity and Inclusion manager, consultant and trainer to this course.

Bree also has lived experience of being excluded as a result of their sexuality and gender identity. In this course Bree is joined by guest Jo Bangles who is one of the leading LGBTQA+ thought leaders in Australia.

What you’ll learn

The difference between sex characteristics, gender and sexuality and why it matters.

How to use language to include rather than exclude.

Actions you and/or your workplace, sporting club or school can take to create inclusive environments.

Who’s this course for?

People looking to be allies to LGBTQA+ people in their organisation, community or family.

Diversity and Inclusion committee members

Employees or managers that want to be create inclusion in their workplace.

Meet Your Mentor

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a lesbian, should I still do this course?

Yes. Just because we have lived experience doesn’t mean we are experts in inclusion (it definitely helps though). This course will help you become a stronger ally for other members of the LGBTIQA+ community and help you advocate for change for yourself and others.

I don’t care who anyone loves or who they are, I just treat everyone the same isn’t that enough?

Well….not really. It’s great that your intentions are good but unfortunately without the right knowledge we can unintentionally exclude or hurt people. In this course you’ll learn about changes you can make to your language and your behaviour to create positive change for others.

We are trying to get our rainbow tick - will this training be enough?

Nope – but we can still help, head here.

Need help with your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy in your workplace?

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