Unconscious Bias Training

Learn how to mitigate bias in your workplace

Unconsciousbias workshop | Bree Gorman Consulting
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2 hrs zoom or face-to-face

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2 hours

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Open for 2022

What can you expect?

At Bree Gorman, we know that understanding unconscious bias is one thing, but learning how to mitigate it creates the real change.

Unconscious and conscious biases have a significant impact on the career opportunities of people from minority and marginalised groups.

But workplace inclusion is more complicated than just becoming aware of our biases, that’s why we have developed a program that focusses on actions your employees can take to mitigate bias.

Unconscious Bias Training
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Course Information

Why this workshop?

This workshop is designed to turn good intentions into meaningful actions. Evidence shows us that just becoming aware of our biases can make things worse from an inclusion perspective.

That’s why we focus on introducing decision making frameworks, providing equity and empowering participants to advocate for change.

We use case studies, storytelling and real-life examples to guide participants towards developing actions that mitigate bias in your workplace.

What they’ll learn

Participants in this workshop will learn what unconscious bias is, what shapes our biases and how they impact our decisions.

We also empower participants to harness their new awareness to create real change in the workplace, community and homes.

This may be through policy change, allyship and advocacy or raising their own awareness about the barriers that exist for people from minority or marginalised backgrounds. Finally, we introduce our framework for developing decision making frameworks that mitigate bias.

Who’s this workshop for?

This workshop is for any employee in your organisation who works with people! It has relevancy to hiring managers and recruiters, people leaders and anyone who regularly makes decisions that impact people.

This also includes front desk staff, customer service officers, health professionals, teachers, lawyers and consultants.

This workshop can be tailored to organisations that have just begun their diversity and inclusion journeys or are more established and require specific education to address known issues.

Meet Your Mentor

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this workshop different from all the other Unconscious Bias offerings?

This workshop is about outcomes – the practical things you can do to mitigate bias and create equal opportunities. Awareness is such a small piece of the puzzle, practical things individuals and organisations can do to create change is what’s most important.

What happens after this workshop?

Education on unconscious bias is only a very small first step, to really create change in your organisation speak with us about longer term strategies that can help embed the learnings from this workshop.

Should we make this workshop compulsory for all our employees?

No. We know that forcing people to attend unconscious bias training can actually make things worse. People must come voluntarily looking to learn something new and it’s ok if all your staff don’t come. Having some champions who are committed and interested in seeing change can start to shift the culture and maybe next time others will want to find out what it’s all about!

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