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We develop Diversity and Inclusion strategies and action plans to create measurable and sustainable change in your organisation.

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We provide expert analysis and identify the barriers and enablers to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion that exist in your workplace.

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We use our extensive knowledge to help refine your Diversity and Inclusion plans, review your research, and guide you on best practice to maximise value.

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Latest Insights

  • Clothes shopping can be a challenge for many trans and gender diverse people. Mainstream fashion is largely constructed around the gender binary, and may not offer affirming styles in appropriate sizes. Additionally, discrimination and micro aggressions are almost a foregone conclusion for anyone who is......

  • In this iteration of Practical Inclusion – a series of conversations with leading Diversity and Inclusion practitioners working to create change – I was thrilled to speak to Christina Ryan, CEO of the Disability Leadership Institute, a professional hub for disability leaders.  When she was......

  • An organisation that has equal employment opportunities sounds wonderful right? It sounds like we would have achieved all our diversity and inclusion goals. But the reality is that people often believe creating equal employment opportunities is achieved if we just treat everyone the same. So......

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