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The go to method for creating diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces. A 3 step process for creating plans that are dynamic, measurable and impactful.

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You are looking to create a DEI, Gender Equity or LGBTIQA+ inclusion plan.

You don’t know what you need but you know your organisation will benefit from a diversity, equity and inclusion lens.

Your board is grappling with the “S” in ESG

You want to create safe, supportive and inclusive spaces for all your employees.

Your organisation values data and wants to create measurable change.

You want to do DEI work that goes beyond ticking boxes.

What exactly is

DEI Thrive


Designed to create an inclusion plan that is easy to implement, can be measured and most importantly is developed with your people and for your people. The strategies used are based on best practice and real life experience, Bree has been developing these plans for over 8 years and knows what works and what doesn’t. Based on these experiences Bree has refined a system that can be applied in your context.


The work doesn’t start and end with a plan. For you to actually create diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces you need to build skills and capacity within your DEI team and/or People and Culture team. Bree will work with you one on one to develop the plan, building skills and knowledge along the way so that after the six months you are able to implement and continually evaluate the plan.


Throughout the six months Bree will be available to you via email and through our face to face sessions. They will also review drafts and documents along the way. A presentation/training session is included for Bree to run with your Executive or Board to inform them on the plan and the approach. Additionally you will receive two memberships to our DEI Network for the time we are engaged.

How is this different from traditional ways of building DEI plans?

Often a DEI plan has a lot of words and good intentions but doesn’t usually achieve it’s objectives. Many of these plans don’t even have well defined objectives. Bree’s approach is specific and measurable – this makes for plans with less words and more outcomes. We believe in listening first, then launching without wasting months in between. To build trust with the people who share their experiences in the listening stage we need to demonstrate we have heard and are prepared to act, even if we don’t get it right the first time.

If you ask people who have worked with Bree to use one word to describe their approach – it would be practical. Having five frameworks that support an incremental shift to a more inclusive workplace is not our way of working. We listen, launch and then learn so we can do it all again! This approach builds trust, demonstrates humility and willingness by leadership to take action and allows you to frame an approach that will work in your context.

“Dr Bree Gorman is a talented strategist in the diversity, equity, and inclusion space. Bree's knowledge, experience, and inclusive approach helped us in developing our faculty strategy. Bree facilitated impactful training and dialogues for our leaders. Bree's approach is positive, thoughtful, and authentic. It has been a pleasure working with Dr Bree Gorman.”
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Professor Kapil Chousalkar,
University of Adelaide

How does it work?


Your Strategy Deep Dive

You will send Bree any relevant documents for them to review before we start. Any previous plans, policies, actions taken, diversity data and survey or focus group outcomes. Bree wants to get a clear picture of the current state of play. After they have reviewed this you will jump on a 90 minute deep dive strategy call with them to develop a plan of attack for the next six months. This will include a look at what you can achieve yourself and what might need to be outsourced if budget is available.
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The plan

Once you have a draft plan Bree will provide a detailed review on the plan, provide any further recommendations and work with you to develop a plan for engagement and communication. If required at this stage Bree will present the plan with you to your Board or Executive team.


The work

Over the six months we will work together on gathering the data you need, establishing the actions and how you are going to measure success. Every organisation and person is different – you might need weekly face to face conversations or maybe monthly with a bunch of emails back and forth. The program is tailored to your ways of working and that of your organisation. Bree will always be applying a coaching and capacity building lens to ensure that when we have finished working together you have a solid grasp on the concepts and the skills to deliver on the plan.

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