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Bree is a qualified coach with an interest in supporting people to design, implement and review their diversity, equity and inclusion plans and policies. We have individual and organisational coaching packages.

Managing diversity in the workplace requires knowledge and skills that are not found in typical leadership training. Leaders are often well intentioned but can find themselves without the knowledge required to create safe, supportive spaces for all their employees and stakeholders. Bree Gorman can provide personal coaching to help leaders navigate this challenging space.

Our coaching programs also support people to design, implement and review their diversity, equity and inclusion plans and policies. Whether you need to discuss your challenges, ideas or require help to develop new approaches to achieve the diversity, equity and inclusion goals.

Who can benefit?

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Organisations seeking to develop their diversity, equity and inclusion objectives, plans or policies.
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HR or DEI managers tasked with developing and implementing diversity, equity and inclusion plans.
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Individuals seeking an inclusive space to explore their challenges, approaches and goals. Great for people working in inclusion or aspiring to!
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What can you expect?

Bree Gorman doesn’t come to these coaching sessions with an agenda, the agenda is set by you.

We ask the questions that will help us understand not only your objectives but also the context you are working within. We will then bring our knowledge and frameworks for achieving diversity, equity and inclusion success into our discussion and together we will develop a plan that can help move you forward.

before we have the first session…” to “If you select a coaching package with us you can expect to have access to Bree via email throughout the time we are engaged. You can seek advice on employee communications, policy updates or on barriers you might face as you progress your diversity, equity and inclusion work. Coaching sessions last 45 mins after our first initial 90 min deep dive. For more information on our packages click here.

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Why Bree Gorman?

Because time is money and money creates change.

Resources dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion are often very limited and sometimes you only get one opportunity to create change. Don’t waste it on implementing a program or initiative that has not been vetted by an expert in the field.

At Bree Gorman we live and breathe diversity, equity and inclusion, we have created positive change and we have had failures. We work tirelessly to keep at the forefront of global trends and learn from our peers. In our coaching sessions you will reap the benefits of our experience and practical approach to increase diversity and create inclusion in your workplace.

Struggling to get your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy off the ground?

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