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A plan on a shelf will never create inclusion.

Organisational change happens when people are engaged and empowered.

Typically organisations will engage a consultant to create a fancy looking and sounding diversity, equity and inclusion plan. And consultants are very good at that, hey I am very good at that.

However, to drive meaningful sustainable change in this space an organisation needs to feel ownership, commit resources and build capacity. That’s why I have introduced coaching packages that support you and your organisation to develop your own plans and approaches.

Over a six month period you will have access to my support, mentorship and strategies as you drive your diversity, equity and inclusion objectives. But don’t feel you have to do all the work, you can still outsource tasks to us along the way!

The benefits to you are plans and approaches that you can manage, implement and monitor. You will raise trust with your employees, build internal capacity and most importantly actually deliver sustainable change.

Who can benefit?

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Organisations seeking to develop their diversity, equity and inclusion objectives, plans or policies.
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Community organisations, Local Government, Health sector, Corporates, Universities and more.
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People and Culture managers, DEI professionals, anyone responsible for driving inclusion and diversity in your organisation.
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What can you expect?

I will take you through my 3 stage program to identify problems, create actions and evaluate your progress

Listen, Launch and Learn.  That is the basis of the approach I take to developing and achieving diversity, equity and inclusion objectives.

Firstly we must listen, genuinely and without preconceptions to employees, leaders and stakeholders.

Then we Launch – inclusion must be active and we must immediately respond to what we have heard. You and your employees understanding of the organisational context, matched with my expertise in best practice workplace inclusion will allow us to craft achievable, measurable and effective actions.

Finally, we learn (or evaluate but that doesn’t start with an L 😉) An essential element of the whole process, learn what works and what doesn’t so we can try again.

If you select a coaching package to develop your objectives you will have access to me one-on-one in our sessions and via email throughout the time we are engaged.  For more information on our packages book a call with me today.

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Why Bree Gorman?

Because I have done it before, many many times.

And sometimes I have failed, learnt from those mistakes and then tried something new. I have done this across industries, I have worked with all types of different leadership styles, worked with organisations that are predominantly men and conversely with organisations predominantly women! The point is, I have lots of knowledge as to how we achieve our goals, but also what goals to set in the first place.

Resources dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion are often very limited and sometimes you only get one opportunity to create change. Don’t waste it on implementing a program or initiative that has not been vetted by an expert in the field. Cookie cutter approaches don’t work.

I live and breathe diversity, equity and inclusion, from a professional and personal perspective. As a trans non-binary ADHDer I experience the world through a neuroqueer lens.  In the coaching sessions you get my business and governance acumen, my DEI experience, my coaching skills and me, my personal perspective on inclusion and belonging.

Need help with your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy in your workplace?

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