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Empower your managers to create inclusion.

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3 live zoom sessions over 3 weeks or one 4 hr session face to face

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Each session is 4hrs long

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What can you expect?

At Bree Gorman, we believe that managers hold the key to creating inclusion in the workplace.

But just as we need to train our managers in OH&S we need to train them to be inclusive – inclusive leadership doesn’t always come naturally.

This workshop will empower your managers to become inclusive leaders by teaching them the impact of identity and providing them with the ability to recognise barriers. Most importantly we will teach them the tools to be true allies and advocates in your workplace.

Inclusive Leadership Workshop
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Course Information

Why this workshop?

Many organisations are now implementing diversity and inclusion strategies, but without the support and drive of your people leaders – success is unlikely.

This workshop allows your leaders and employees to reflect on what creates inclusion and how their behaviours and actions may be unintentionally excluding people.

We create safe, supportive spaces to have the difficult conversations. The workshop is designed to empower participants to be a key part of the change you want to see.

What they’ll learn

Participants will be encouraged to consider the impact identity has on our working lives and the career opportunities we have access to.

They will be encouraged to create psychologically safety for their employees by being authentic themselves.

In Module 2 they will learn about unconscious and conscious biases and how we can mitigate the impact of them by changing systems and processes.

Module 3 focusses on creating active bystanders and allies. We leave participants empowered and confident to become key drivers of your diversity and inclusion strategy.

Who’s this workshop for?

This workshop is for leadership and executive teams of organisations that have a new or existing focus on diversity and inclusion.

It is also for members of diversity and inclusion advisory committees, working groups or HR teams who are tasked with creating diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Some organisations choose to take their entire workforce through this training recognising that everyone can be an inclusive leader regardless of whether you have official leadership role or not.

Meet Your Mentor

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our leaders are very new to diversity and inclusion and some are quite resistant - is this workshop going to be right for them?

Yes – our philosophy is to meet people where they are at. There is no value in getting people defensive – when we are defensive we shut ourselves off to learning. Sure some people will be resistant and may even find the content too challenging, but trust that Bree is experienced in handling these situations and will address them as they arise.

We already have plenty of diversity in our leadership team - do we still need this workshop?

Yes – teams with greater diversity can benefit the most from inclusive leadership training. This workshop is very interactive and encourages people to share their stories and challenges. Let your team workshop how they can get the most benefits out of their diversity.

Zoom fatigue is a thing, surely this type of workshop is better face-to-face?

Interestingly Bree has had just as much success delivering this online as in person. We keep the sessions short (1.5 hrs) and give people a week to consider their learnings and put them into practice. This means that they are fully engaged when they return for the next session with great questions for Bree.

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