LGBTQA+ Inclusion Workshops

Learn how to create LGBTQA+ inclusive workplaces

LGBTQA inclusion workshops | Bree Gorman Consulting
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What can you expect?

At Bree Gorman, we believe that creating LGBTQA+ inclusive workplaces is good for business and for your people.

Creating LGBTQA+ inclusive environments is about more than cupcakes and rainbow flags. It’s about language, policy, processes and behaviours.

This workshop will provide a space for your employees and managers to learn about how they can provide a safe, supportive place for LGBTQA+ people.

LGBTQA+ Inclusion Workshops
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Course Information

Why this workshop?

It was in the workplace that Bree first felt accepted and included as their authentic self. They truly understand the power of workplaces to create inclusion.

This lived experience combined with Bree’s expert knowledge in creating inclusive work environments provides the ideal environment for creating positive change.

Using real life examples and context specific case studies Bree will demonstrate how your employees and leaders can contribute to creating an inclusive environment for all LGBTQA+ people.

What they’ll learn

Participants will first learn about gendered expectations and stereotypes and how these negatively impact everyone but also the specific impact on LGBTQA+ people.

We will then explore language, including pronouns and how we can use language to send key messages of inclusion.

The workshop will empower participants to take proactive steps towards creating inclusive workplaces and environments through policies, practices and active allyship.

Who’s this workshop for?

All organisations should ensure their employees and leaders know how to be inclusive of LGBTQA+ people.

If you are seeking rainbow tick accreditation talk to us about how we can tailor this workshop to meet your needs. Are you creating an ally network?

This workshop is perfect for empowering members to avoid performative allyship and be true active allies in your workplace.

Meet Your Mentor

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Frequently Asked Questions

For some of our staff this will be all new, is this workshop still right for them?

Absolutely, we tailor our content to the audience and our philosophy is to meet people where they are at. We safely and slowly take them through the concepts and ideas that may be challenging to them and get them to focus on how we can interact with each other on a human level despite our differences and sometimes because of them!

Will this training meet our requirements for a rainbow tick or AWEI accreditation?

Yes it can but make sure you let us know this is your intention so we ensure the right content is delivered to meet your specific needs.

What about my Board and Executive members, is this the right workshop for them?

Yes – Bree has extensive experience presenting and training senior leaders across many industry sectors. Bree brings their understanding of business objectives and leadership pressures into the training to empower your leaders to create change that improves the experiences of LGBTIQA+ customers and employees and whilst helping to deliver on key business objectives.

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